After a wonderful Christmas celebration with our children and their significant others, Terri & I have hit the road. Our maiden voyage in the Land Yacht. Our first stop was at the grocery store to pick up some basics. Then it was over to our friendly neighborhood mechanic. I checked the oil and stuff, but tire pressure is a concern. This thing is 30 ft long and has Dual Rear Wheels.

The front pressures are supposed to be 75 psi and the rears 80! I wasn’t comfortable messing with it and I know its extremely important. So I went to a professional. Unfortunately he was on his lunch break and couldn’t help me for another 45 minutes. Craziness!! I left there and went somewhere else. The mechanic came outside, crawled under my rig, adjusted the pressures and said have a safe trip. He wasn’t going to charge me!! OMG. This guy is awesome. I will give him a fantastic Google Review! I also gave him 20 bucks for lunch. Our trip certainly started on a good note 🙂

One of my next investments is going to be an RV specific Navigation System. I hear Garmin makes a nice one. I have been using WAZE for a long time and it has always been an excellent system. Unfortunately, there are no settings for an RV or truck. I’m 12.6 feet tall and found out today that there are bridges that are only 11″. No worries, though it did take us forever to get out of New Jersey.

We finally made our way to Rt 81 in PA. It was getting late and Terri was tired. Lilly was squirming a bit as well, so I checked the RV Parkee app and found a place about an hour away in West Virginia. Falling Waters, West Virginia. A great campground owned by the Leatherman Family. We arrived late, but from all indications, a nice place. Our site is right next to a babbling brook 🙂 I’m sure breakfast will be magnificent. I’ll be sure to post some pics tomorrow.