Reality Strikes

We bought one!!

After a few weeks of looking, we bit the bullet.  Terri selected the unit and we sent them a deposit.  It was refundable (aren’t they all?) but I was nervous.  We set the date, rented a car and just went for it. You should have seen the car lol.  It was a one-way rental with Enterprise. A Nissan Altima and it was packed to the gills!  I couldn’t recline my seat. We loaded it with enough camping supplies to last a month. The best part was Cruise America covered the rental!  We also got credit for our Maine trip!! Things are looking up 🙂

We picked up the check from our credit union on Monday morning and headed to Virginia.  The Cruise America retail location is in Manassas Va. The plan was to drive to Virginia, pick up the RV, spend a few days locally, sort of a shake down cruise, and then head home.  We arrived at the dealership around 3 pm and met with Rich, our salesman. He went over the RV with us. A word of advice, have a checklist. Rich was a great guy, really helpful. However, there were a few things that needed to be addressed.  The basics were covered, for sure. The Cruise America ReCon people do a great job. My concerns were addressed and we were on our way in good time.  

First stop was a gas station.  I was a bit miffed we didn’t get a full tank of gas.  I mean, heck, I paid full price, why mess with me? That’s the car salesman in me talking though.  I understand. Still… So we filled up. A word to the wise. Keep your tank full. I make it a point to arrive with a full tank.  The generator runs off the fuel tank and shuts down when you reach ¼ tank. Not a good feeling. We dropped off the rental, Enterprise is awesome!  Then we headed off to Pohick Bay State Park. Such a beautiful State Park. Right on the Potomac River, Pohick Bay was a great find. It was possibly the nicest park we have ever been in.  The cost was minimal and the facilities were beyond great. We spent a few days getting to know the RV. I must say, having rented the identical unit before, there was nothing new about this one, other than we could call it our own.  

We packed up, dumped our tanks (another post indeed) and headed home.  A non eventful drive, Terri drove for a few hours on the highway. A great trip for sure.  I pulled into our driveway. It was a nice feeling knowing we didn’t have to clean and return the rig in the morning!  Welcome to the world of RV ownership 🙂

We will be documenting our experiences with this retired Cruise America Rig.  If you have any questions or if we can help in any way. Please don’t hesitate to hit us up!!

Until then, Happy Motoring 🙂