Comfortably Numb

One of the first conversations I have with a new group of sales recruits is the comfort zone.  It became painfully obvious to me a long time ago.  The further away from your comfort zone you get, the closer you are to the money.  The concept is foreign to most people.  These are the same people who cringe when I tell them that the people who pay the most for goods & services are happier than those who pay the least.  At first glance it seems counter-intuitive.  Upon further investigation however, it becomes obvious.  Its all about perceived value.  When the value exceeds the price, everybody wins.  Get uncomfortable.

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With over 35 years in retail sales, the last 20 in Auto Sales, I've done everything from "green pea" Salesman thru GM of a very successful Northern New Jersey Car Dealership. As a recent graduate of the NADA General Dealership Management program, I posses a strong foundation and much more than just a general understanding of the inner workings of a dealership. I am now offering my services as a consultant. I have also recently joined forces with Automax Sales Training & Recruiting. Need well trained sales staff with no bad habits? Call me. Recruit, hire, train and repeat. We all know that drill. The life of a typical salesman is filled with revolving doors. Always jumping from dealer to dealer looking for that greener grass. We offer a solution to the revolving door. We help you recruit, hire, and train new salespeople. More than that, we implement and monitor an ongoing training solution for your existing staff. This results in better retention as well as a better trained, more efficient sales force.