Complacency can be crippling.

There is a lot of good advice out there.  Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I couldn’t begin to count the number of motivational Memes and posts.  Seems like everybody knows what to do now.  “10X”, “Go All In”, “Just Do It”..  We all get it.  Now are we willing to do “Whatever It Takes”?  Seems to me there would be a whole lot more millionaires out there if we were.  “The Comfort Zone” should really be called “The Twilight Zone.”   Complacency can be crippling.  If we are not busy growing, we are busy dying.  The recent demise of the once great retailer Sears shows us that.  Failure to change leads to Failure.  Dare to do something different today.

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With over 35 years in retail sales, the last 20 in Auto Sales, I've done everything from "green pea" Salesman thru GM of a very successful Northern New Jersey Car Dealership. As a recent graduate of the NADA General Dealership Management program, I posses a strong foundation and much more than just a general understanding of the inner workings of a dealership. I am now offering my services as a consultant. I have also recently joined forces with Automax Sales Training & Recruiting. Need well trained sales staff with no bad habits? Call me. Recruit, hire, train and repeat. We all know that drill. The life of a typical salesman is filled with revolving doors. Always jumping from dealer to dealer looking for that greener grass. We offer a solution to the revolving door. We help you recruit, hire, and train new salespeople. More than that, we implement and monitor an ongoing training solution for your existing staff. This results in better retention as well as a better trained, more efficient sales force.